Track7:Youth Forum
The 2nd International Conference on UltrafastX and 3rd Youth Forum on Ultrafast Science
Track7:Youth Forum


Lu Chen,Nankai University,China

Title:Coherent Synthesis of Arbitrary Ultrafast Space-time Wave Packets

Xiaochun Gong, East China Normal University, China

Title:Attosecond photoionization time delays in atoms and molecules

Houkun Liang, Sichuan University, China

Title:Mid-infrared high-power spectrum-shaped few-cycle laser and minimally-invasive tissue ablation

Dong Mao,Northwestern Polytechnical University,China

Title:Polychromatic soliton in fiber laser

Xiaojun Wu,Beihang University,China

Title:Terahertz spin currents resolved with nanometer spatial resolution

Xiaoguang Zhao,Tsinghua University,China

Title:Dynamically Reconfigurable Terahertz Metadevices Enabled by MEMS

Yueming Zhou, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Title:Attosecond-resolved Non-dipole Electron Dynamics

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